Conference: ‘The role of pedagogy and psychology in civil society’

Conference: 'The role of pedagogy and psychology in civil society'

Dear Sirs,

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the International Scientific Conference „The role of pedagogy and psychology in civil society”, a part of ‘Nationwide Young Scientists’ Congress in Poznań. Due to the epidemiological situation, the conference will be held online on the ClickMetting platform on September 15-16.
The Conference covers the roles of social sciences with a particular focus on the impact of pedagogy and psychology on fulfilling broadly defined ideas and assumptions of sustainable development and civil society. The Conference is aiming to create a space for an interdisciplinary discourse that will define and clarify psychological, pedagogical and sociological outlooks on sustainable development and its supporting. The educational process and psychosocial aspects of young citizens’ development will be a crucial area of our discussion. We want to create a valuable opportunity to integrate discoveries from diverse fields of science in order to shape a better tomorrow for us and our future generations. We are kindly inviting scholars representing fields of psychology, education, health science, cognitive science, pedagogy, sociology and social health.

Topics of the Conference will encompass issues such as:

Human being in times of technicalization:
• Influence of technology on mental health
• Importance of human relationships in technical-scientific civilization
• Information overloadvs.cognitive limits in stimuli processing
• Internet abuse – history, mechanism and therapeutical strategies
• The psycho-social well-being and technicalization
• Psychological knowledge in social practice
• A psychologist as a creator of social life
• Researching sustainable consumer attitudes
• Land planning/spatial management and well-being
• Diagnosing attitudes against sustainable development
• Applications of psychological theories of happiness
• Quality of life – operationalization and assessment techniques

Education for sustainable development:
• Pro-civic education
• Participatory education model
• Student board/self-government
• Ecological education
• Promoting social responsibility
• Issues of modern ecopedagogy

Psychology as a support for actions and conceptions of sustainable development:
• Creating global and ecological consciousness
• The psychological approach to human-nature relation
• Shaping sustainable societyin view of psychological evidence
• Mechanisms of forming negative social trends
• Environmental psychology
• Psychological interpretations of issues connected with sustainable development – overpopulation, harmful technologies, excessive use of natural resources

The Conference will be divided into panels regarding topics of sent conference papers.
The deadline for paper submissions is 1 April 2020. To submit your paper please fill-in form given in the following link:

The participant’s fee is 40 euros and includes conference pack, dinners, coffee breaks and conference publication. Participation in the Conference is free of charge for students and academic researchers from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.